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10 Questions about Covered Vehicle Transport

When you need to have a car transported to a UK or European destination you might be surprised by the number of companies offering such a service. How do you decide which one you can trust to do the job properly? Here are ten things you need to check:

1. Who will you be dealing with? If you want to be sure of complete efficiency and accountability choose a vehicle transportation company that will take care of the whole job themselves. Some companies only act as brokers and pass your car on to other contractors.

Ferrari-458 Car Transport2. Will your car arrive at its destination in the same vehicle that collected it? Or will the journey be made in stages with your car being unloaded and transferred to different vehicles along the way?

3. Can the company guarantee to meet its delivery deadline, and supply same day signed proof-of-delivery?

4. What kind of transport does the company use? Open vehicle transport that will expose your car to the elements and accidental damage? Or custom-built, air-suspended, covered transport for maximum protection and security?

Lamborghini-Huracan Car Transport5. Will your car be fully insured to cover its actual market value?

6. Does the company use real time vehicle tracking so it always knows exactly where your car is?

7. Can the company guarantee complete confidentiality and discretion?

8. Who will be responsible for your car? Does the company only employ trustworthy, professional, highly experienced drivers?

9. Is the company well established with specialist knowledge of car transportation? Has it had experience of safely collecting and delivering all types of vehicles to and from a wide range of locations?

Lamborghini-Aventador Car Transport10. Who recommends the company? Any company proud of its reputation will be only too happy to supply genuine, checkable testimonials from its satisfied customers.

Take some time to consider all of the above points before you choose the company you want to transport your prestige car or cherished vehicle. It will be time well spent when you meet up with your car, in pristine condition, at the other end!

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