Frequently Asked Questions

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Depending on destination country of delivery, the whole process from collection to delivery of the vehicle is within 5 to 10 days.

Ideally a couple of weeks in advance in order for us to book ferries, plan routes and return journeys.

We offer a is door to door service, providing there is adequate access for the delivery vehicle to fit, otherwise as near as we can to suit.

Not at all. We often deliver cars to a house and post keys through the letterbox or we have collect from Airport parking or Personal Housekeepers etc.

Yes your car will be fully insured from the point of collection, right through to delivery.

Of course, providing there is access for us. We work together with you to provide you with a service that suits you and your lifestyle.

We can provide you with updates if required and the driver would contact you ahead of time, prior to collection and also delivery.

If for any reason, the car gets damaged and its down to our equipment or driver, we provide you with our insurance details in order for you to make a claim.

Your car would be loaded onto the trailer by the driver and then unloaded off the trailer by the driver.

We offer a dedicated service for single vehicle transport. This can be a covered or open trailer at client request.

We never ask for any money up front. Our preferred method of payment is Bank Transfer. Occassionally, some customers like to pay by cash on collection/delivery.

Yes of course. You pack at your own risk but yes this is allowed. The vehicles are insured from collection to delivery.

Ideally we prefer to have a minimum of two weeks notice if possible. When there are time constraints, we will always do our best to accommodate client requirements to suit their needs.

If for any reason the vehicle is damaged in transit we would provide client with our insurance details.

Yes, our drivers have full driving licences and  experience.

Absolutely! We never charge you for providing a quote.

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